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 I have always very much enjoyed my first profession as a classical cellist. Playing in a symphony orchestra and teaching students meant lots of opportunities to study human emotional structures and finding ways to deal with blocks/self sabotaging patterns (stagefright...) in an uplifting and optimizing way!

 My own meditative cello CDs „Cello songs For Silence“ and „Cello Songs From Planet Earth“ have a worldwide audience in the spiritual community and are great for relaxation and shifting your focus to the inner realms.

Born an empath I have always been fascinated with the invisible , hidden and unconscious structures in human beings and life in general.

 Going to college (30 years ago) I had to choose between my cello and psychology...but my soul always kept me in touch with spiritual, therapeutic and healing topics throughout the following years. Long before I learned ThetaHealing I worked with shamanic healingprocesses, based on EFT, past life regression, soulretrieval, Gestalt-, systemic- and energywork.

ThetaHealing, Inner Child Work/Teals Swans Completion Process and EMDR® provided my work with a structured reservoir of knowledge on healing the human psyche and supported my own life journey in incredibly profound ways.

It is my passion and lifepurpose to support people in finding selfempowerment, joy and fulfillment in life, and witnessing them change from suffering to joy. This just makes me happy.


Life Stations and further Trainings

Yoga practicioner since 25 years

Huna (with E. Zellmer)

Family constellations (Hellinger)

Gestalt work

Advaita and the Enneagram with Eli Jaxon Bear

EFT and MET 

The Work (Byron Katie)

Abraham (The Law of Attraction)

Systemic inner child work ind imaginative processes from traumatherapy 

Thetahealing® Practicioner and Instructor (with Vianna Stibal)

Teal Swans Completion Process (wonderful inspiration for therapists all over the world)

EMDR® with Christoph Mahr (certified by Verband deutscher Heilpraktiker)



Please send me an email to make an appointment. If you are asking for a skype session, you are welcome to describe your condition and topic for the session in your email! If you want to book a session in Berlin, you can call me and leave your message on the machine. I will call you back, and we will have a 15 min phone talk to get to know each other and clarify your topics.

If possible no strong perfume or after shave in the session. Thank you :-)


60 min/80€. I will charge the actual work time, meaning per additional 15min/20€.

The investment for your first session is a minimum of 90 min/120 €. 

Please tell me if you want to determine the exact duration of your session in advance!  Otherwise I will keep a 2 hour timeslot available for you.


 You can pay cash for live sessions in Berlin. If you are booking a telephone or skype session, I will send you my bank info or PayPal via email in advance, and you make your payment before the appointment.

Cancellation: If you cancel 48 hours or more in advance, you will get a full refund. Same goes if you cancel your skype or phone session on time (48 h). If you cancel later than 48 h before the appointment, I will charge a fee of 80 €